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What We Do


By working with the world's leading producers, Papers Unlimited Plus is able to offer an uninterrupted flow of all paper grades and Medical Supplies throughout the world. We specialize in Parent Rolls of Tissue, Towel, Napkin, all Commercial Printing Papers, Industrial Papers, Paperboard as well as Medical and Sanitary Supplies.    




From Supply Chain Management and Warehousing, to International Distribution with Import and Export Logistics, Papers Unlimited Plus Inc. handles it all. Our range of services also includes Financing, Credit Risk Mitigation and Foreign Exchange Management. Call our representatives to inquire about how we can contribute to the growth and profitability of your business



The key to our success is our firm commitment to delivering a superior service to all of our customers and suppliers worldwide. If you are a paper producer, we can operate as your exclusive sales agent handling predetermined excess volume or be your trading partner for any 1st Line spot tonnage you may need filled. If you are an end user, we can act as your buying agent relieving you of any pressure so you can focus on more important things such as selling your branded products.



Papers Unlimited Plus Inc, is a first generation paper business. The business was started with the intent on helping printing and publishing companies source all of their coated and uncoated paper needs. Papers Unlimited Plus is a multifaceted paper company. Our experience in the printing paper industry has helped us develop and evolve into the diverse business we have become today.

With our stronghold still firmly inside the commercial printing business, we decided the next step we should take on was to be the merchant to the converters and mills in the Bath Tissue, Towel and Napkin industry. In the past 10 years we have become the merchant of choice with a global impact. Sourcing and providing the highest quality of Tissue, Towel and Napkin in both Parent rolls and Finished Product has increased our reach across the globe. 


Papers Unlimited Plus

1518 Walnut Street

Philadelphia, PA 19102

For all inquiries please email

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